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Ann Hurley

I began working in ceramics while an oceanography graduate student at the University of California San Diego in the late 1960’s.  Ceramics continued as a hobby through a professorship in marine science, attendance in law school and a career as an environmental attorney.  Since my retirement in 2010, much more of my time has been devoted to work in clay.  During all those years of working in ceramics I was heavily influenced by many wonderful artists and teachers in both California and Maryland.

I am interested in a wide range of pottery, and enjoy working with varied techniques.  I often experiment with low temperature firing techniques such as pit firing, saggar firing, and raku.  I like the fact that I can never completely predict what will happen with these pieces – the flames take over and do what they want.  For the past several years I have had the opportunity to fire work in a large community woodfired kiln.  This has been an amazing experience, both in terms of learning to fire the kiln as well as designing a completely new body of work that is appropriate for this type of firing.


337 Mirada Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, United States