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Gabrielle Elise Jimenez

Gabrielle Jimenez is a Hospice nurse whose colorful canvases are inspired by the emotions she feels from the patients and families she cares for.  She initially started painting for fun; never imagining it could ever become anything more than that.  

One of her patients, who painted watercolor prior to becoming ill, was the one who she credits most for the direction she moved into with her work. When Gabrielle shared that she too enjoyed painting, her patient asked to see some of her work. This patient encouraged her to go outside the lines, to be brave, bold and fearless with her colors and as she says, “go deeper.”

When her patient passed away, she left all of her art supplies to Gabrielle.  It took a few days before she could go through the boxes, but as she did, she enjoyed scattering the art supplies all around her small studio. It was then that things changed and she started playing with paint; mixing colors and textures and letting go of structure and lines.  

Gabrielle expresses her emotions in her paintings, and just like the patients she cares for, no two are ever the same.  You will notice that she does not sign the front of her paintings. She does this because she invites you to see it the way that inspires you.  She will encourage you to pick it up and move it around until you connect with it… you will understand this more when you see them in person.



337 Mirada Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, United States