Lauren Catalina

 Lauren Catalina is a Spiritually connected Heart Healer and Visionary Artist. At the early age of five while in kindergarten, her first act of compassion was when she protected a blind boy who was being bullied. In that moment she became aware of her desire to help others. To this day she has worked in service to humanity and is committed to the healing potential in herself and others, through her Reiki practice, and Shamanic journeys.

 Her painting story started in 2013 when she took a year long, online, painting course with Shiloh Sophia. She joined the “Color of Woman” Training program in 2014 and became certified as both a Teacher and Coach in Intentional Creativity. She has used the paintbrush as her magic wand ever since!

She believes that art, made reverent, is healing and connects the individual to deeper parts of themselves that are often hidden. Painting provides a way to express the internal world of feelings and emotions, externally. The canvas becomes a portal for her soul’s work to be expressed. Through the abstract colorful layers, symbols and faces come alive. Each painting carries with it a unique energy often imbued by the artist’s personal experiences of the world.

Her hope is that you will enjoy witnessing the collection of  “Wait ’Til You See Her” paintings, bags, and cards. Perhaps you will purchase one that calls you to take her home!


337 Mirada Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, United States