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Gina Gruenberg

“touch… gives us our knowledge of depth or thickness and form; we feel, we love and hate, are touchy and are touched, through the touch corpuscles of our skin.”

The Stages of Human Lie, 1921 J. Lionel Tayler

 I am a somatic person.  Bodywork/massage, acupuncture and dance/movement trainings inform my art.  I assimilate the maze of information by delving into the creative process, using the body, mind and spirit to help to heal others and communicate my deepest feelings.  I am never more alive than when I am exploring, playing and discovering.

I work with: clay, using a Japanese firing method called Raku, plaster, fiber, paint, papier mache´, cardboard, puppetry and Henna.

I am also inspired by African art and the painted nomadic people from Kenya and Ethiopia.   Their strength, reverence for nature, and art inspire much of my work.

For more information, please see my website: (members gallery) and Facebook pages: Gina’s Puppets, Masks & Props and Body Art On and Off the Skin.


337 Mirada ART    337 Mirada Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, United States