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Tamara Danoyan

My art journey started with photography in 2005. Whatever the subject, I would like to think that at their best my images are a reflection of me, of my past and present sensory and emotional experiences. Through a close inner and camera focus, mundane objects are transformed. They become metaphors, often fragmented, incomplete, or obstructed, like our perceptions or memories. 

While working on my MFA in Photography at San Jose State University, I became interested in ceramics. I have continued my explorations in clay after graduating in 2015, and found that slab building and pinching holds a world of possibilities when it comes to shapes, textures, and treatment of the edges. I believe in a dialog with clay, in listening for what it would like to express on any given day. All of my pieces are unique for a simple reason that no two conversations are ever the same. My pieces range from functional to fine art. 





337 Mirada Road, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, United States